Hamden Police Chief Community

Input & Transparency Committee

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  • To create and bolster transparency and accountability throughout the input process for recommendations in the hiring of the Town of Hamden’s next Chief of Police.


As was announced in early May, the Police Chief Community Input & Transparency Committee is tasked with four specific action items:


  • to hold a series of community dialogues and input sessions to gather meaningful input from residents regarding the important qualities and strengths needed in the new leader of the Hamden Police Department. Written input will also be requested from the community;
  • to provide recommendations, based on community input, for potential job description changes for the position of Police Chief;
  • to research best practices for key recruitment strategies to ensure that the Town proactively seeks a quality pool of diverse, experienced applicants, including but not limited to where to advertise and recruitment;
  • after the recruitment, the Mayor is asking this Committee to take the lead, working with the Personnel Department, to conduct full interviews of the applicants, so that a list of the top candidates recommended by the Committee can be forwarded to the Mayor


Committee Members:

  • Reverend Keith King
  • Toni Foreman
  • Elana Williams Rountree
  • Scott Jackson
  • Valerie Horsley
  • Anthony Harper
  • Dominique Baez





  • Public Input Session - 6:00pm, June 19th, Keefe Community Center, 11 Pine Street, Hamden
  • Public Input Session - 6:00pm, June 26th, Memorial Town Hall, 2372 Whitney Avenue, Hamden
  • Public Input Session - 6:00pm, July 10th, West Woods School, 250 W. Todd Street, Hamden



  • As a committee we would like to make input as accessible as possible. If you would like to make a written suggestion for the hiring process, please do so by emailing the committee at HamdenSpeaks@gmail.com. The committee will respond to all emails that are sent with confirmation of receipt and review suggestions at the following committee meeting. Thank you for your participation in this effort and appreciate all input for the process. 

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