Farmington Canal Commission

Meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM in Hamden Government Center, 3rd Floor Conference Room, unless otherwise noted.

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Mission Statement

This commission is involved in the procurement, completion and oversight of the Farmington Canal project. This includes recommending improvements in the property to accomplish its purpose as linear park; assessing the availability of federal, state and local funds to monitor the procurement of such funds; recommending all financial matters regarding the canal in conjunction with the Mayor and Legislative Council; and to report bi-monthly to the Mayor and Council on all matters regarding the Farmington Canal project.

The commission consists of nine citizens, with no more than six in the same political party. The citizen appointments are recommended by the Mayor, and approved by the Legislative Council. Other members of the commission shall consist of two members of the Legislative Council, a member of the Development and Conservation committee and a member of the Parks and Recreation Committee.

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Current Members (Updated 11-14-18)

  • Yashoda Sharma
  • Mark Anton
  • David R. Schaefer
  • Bill Horowitz
  • Earon Ryan
  • Robert Workman
  • Montrel Morrison
  • Johanna Becker
  • Clerk Gerry Tobin

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