Community Services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of all Hamden residents by providing educational, recreational and social services through coordinated or direct services.


Located at the M.L. Keefe Community Center in the heart of southern Hamden, Community Services has a staff of five full-time employees. In addition to Town funding, Community Services received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which assist the food pantry and allows the department to also assist residents in avoiding evictions, and utility service interruptions.


We enable Hamden residents to acquire or maintain self-sufficiency by providing the assistance and support systems to function independently as productive members of the community.

Community Services:

  • Engages in a number of proactive activities designed to give residents the tools to succeed and improve themselves, including:
    • Collaborative efforts with local arts groups to provide artistic programming
    • Providing scholarships to children unable to afford to attend local summer camps
    • A very successful workforce training program
  • Provides emergency services to people in need, such as:
    • Assistance to families facing heating emergencies during the cold winter months
    • The food bank
    • Shelter to families displaced by fire

Parents & Communities for Kids

Community Services encourages residents to take part in parent-learning programs funded through a grant from the Graustein Foundation. Parents and Communities for Kids (PACK) offer arts workshops and cultural performances in urban communities, providing opportunities for children and parents to learn together in an informal setting.

Collaboration & Cooperation

The Keefe Center, a multipurpose, inter-generational facility that provides all of the services necessary to assist clients in one location, provides fertile ground for identification of a variety of areas where families may benefit from assistance.

Community Services, like all agencies operating at the Keefe Center, believes that addressing individual needs through intensive case management is more effective than simply administering programs. Attention to the “whole person” helps Community Services staff focus on the needs of individuals and their families, to ensure that clients are always treated with dignity and respect, and guarantee that each client receives individualized attention.

As resources continue to shrink and demand services continues to grow, the Community Services Department sees enhanced cooperation and collaboration with all service agencies as the most important avenue toward continued success.