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The Government Center has officially reopened.  Mask policy follows the directive of the Mayor's Office, it is currently recommended, but not required that masks be worn.

Permits and License:

All permits applications can now be filed through Viewpoint Online Permitting.

Engineering has purview over the following permits and licenses. All of these are obtained at the link above.

  1. Sidewalk, Curb and Driveway License - Contractors need to obtain Hamden's Sidewalk, Curb and Driveway License, which is valid for one calendar year, in order to work in the Town's Right of Way (sidewalk, driveway apron and curb area)
  2. Sidewalk/Driveway Permit - Sidewalk/Driveway Permits cover work associated with driveway aprons, sidewalks and curbs in the Town’s Right of Way area. 
  3. Excavation Permits - Excavation Permit allows contractors to work on the following within the Town's right of way: Street Excavation, Storm Facilities Construction, Sanitary Facilities Construction, Utility

Phone and Email:

All of our staff are available via phone and email.  Please be advised that there may be a slight delay while the phone system finds our mobile devices, so when calling there is a long pause before it begins to ring.


Inspections are ongoing for both active work sites and assessment of the Town's Infrastructure.

Engineering Records and Data Request

Maps, records and Data requests can be made via the Town's online permitting platform. Data can include any scans and/or photocopies of maps or plans within the Engineering Department. GIS Plots, Shapefiles, Geodatabase or any other Digital Data.

Viewpoint Online Permitting 

After clicking the above link, click the Engineering Department Section of the viewpoint online permitting portal and navigate to the bottom of the Engineering Page, to find the online forms.


The division staff designs and oversees construction of various types of improvements, which include storm drainage, roads, sidewalks, and infrastructure projects.

In addition, the staff also:

  • Designs and oversees capital improvement projects for city buildings
  • Oversees and administers professional services for various design projects
  • Provides engineering services to other city departments
  • Provides inspection services on street and infrastructure projects
  • Provides liaison services for state projects

Please download the Engineering Department Overview for a comprehensive picture of the Department's services and responsibilities. 

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