Sidewalk Repair Program

The Town of Hamden will repair the sidewalks along Town streets if they become damaged. Prior to 2012, the Town only repaired sidewalks if the walks were damaged by a tree between the sidewalk and the road. Since 2012, the Town will repair damaged walks and driveways within the right of way.

Since there are so many repairs necessary, the Town revised the repair program as below to address damaged sidewalks. We anticipate $12 million to $15 million worth of damage to be repaired. The replacement program is a long term program which is anticipated to take over fifteen years to accomplish due to current funding levels.

Report Sidewalks

There are two main ways to report a damaged sidewalk:

  1. Report the problem via our online reporting tool, SeeClickFix
  2. Call the office during normal business hours at 203-287-7040 and discuss the issue with one of our staff. 


The Town of Hamden inspects and repairs sidewalks when there are structural problems with the sidewalks. When a complaint is received, the Engineering Department sends an inspector to look at the sidewalks, evaluate the issue, and register the site on our repair list. If the damage is very severe, we will spot repair the walks sooner than the repair protocol. The wait time is months to years depending on our waiting list and the severity of the problems.

In 2016, the Town changed from only doing the oldest complaints on a road to repairing all of the damaged sidewalks along the entire road or block portions of the sidewalks if the road is very long. We chose the roads to repair by starting with the roads with the oldest complaints. By repairing entire lengths of damaged sidewalk, the Town is able to obtain better prices and better responses from our sidewalk contractors. We are also able to limit the necessary construction disruption.

Completed Work

The 2017 construction season of the sidewalk repair program is winding down for the calendar year due to temperature. We are very pleased to announce we have completed the following amount of work shown in the table below.

Concrete Sidewalks11,800 linear feet / 2.2 miles18,750 linear feet or 3.5 miles
Curbing, concrete and asphalt1,050 linear feet / 0.2 miles1,930 linear feet or 0.33 miles
Handicap ramps128 Ramps172 Ramps
Sidewalks at driveways and aprons2,650 linear feet or 0.5 miles4,650 linear feet or 0.8 miles


View photos of repair work in the Photo Gallery.