Dog Licenses


Dogs six months or older must be licensed in the town of residence under Connecticut State Law (Section 22-337-359c). Newly obtained dogs must be licensed within thirty days of new ownership. When you arrive for your first license, you must submit a current rabies vaccination certificate issued by your veterinarian. You will also need to submit written proof of a dog being spayed or neutered. It is not necessary to bring your dog to the Town Clerk’s office when obtaining the license.


Licensing renewal time is the month of June. To avoid any delays or inconvenience to you, please visit the Town Clerk’s office before June 30 of the current year. Renewal postcards are mailed during the month of May when you have registered with us. Renewals may be returned to the Town Clerk through the mail. Download the Dog License Mail-In Application (PDF).


  • A dog without a tag is presumed to be unlicensed and is not protected by law.
  • A dog tag must not be used on any dog other than the dog described in the license bearing corresponding numbers.

Dog Park Usage

Users of Hamden’s Dog Park must have their dogs legally licensed to participate in the Dog Park located at Ridge Road and Waite Street (across from Bassett Park). Dog litterbags are provided. For rules regarding the Dog Park, visit the Hamden Dog Park website.

General Animal Licensing Information

For additional information on animal licensing, visit the State of Connecticut, Department of Agriculture website.