Building Board of Appeals

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Building Board of Appeals is to serve as an appellate board to owners whose mode or manner of construction in creating or altering a building has been rejected by the building official's approval.

Appeal Process

The owner must write their appeal to the board, after which the board decides whether the person has a right to an appeal hearing or not. After an appeal has been accepted by the board, the chairman then shall appoint at least 3 board members to a panel to hear the case. Following the result of the hearing, the Board informs the building official and the owner of their findings. If the owner is still not pleased with the ruling of the board, they have the option to appeal to the Codes and Standards Committee within 14 days of the ruling.


Meetings are scheduled as needed.


Dawn Poindexter
Michelle Helou
Michael Elliot Sheiman
Edward Peterson