Legislative Council

Virtual Meetings (Regular and Special)

Regular meetings and committee meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month, with a fourth Monday scheduled for any items recessed or not heard on the first and third Monday. The Regular Meeting starts at 7:00 PM and any committee with business follows the regular meeting. Be advised that some meetings may start later than the posted time due to scheduled meetings before them running late. Special meetings are called as needed. View the meeting calendar below. 

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Written comments for any Meeting or Public Hearing should be submitted to LCpublicinput@hamden.com by 3:00pm the day of the meeting. Each agenda's written comments are made available online for public view before the meeting. Oral public input is also encouraged by joining in person at Memorial Town Hall, 2372 Whitney Avenue, Hamden OR by joining the Webinar using the information below.

Legislative Council meetings use the same Zoom link for meetings unless an agenda states otherwise. Please click the link below to join a Legislative Council scheduled webinar: 

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The Legislative Council is a town-elected position which occurs every two years in the odd years cycle. There are fifteen members on the Council in total, consisting of one district council member elected from each voting district for a total of nine members, and six members are elected at-large by the entire town. The electors shall vote for no more than four of the at-large candidates, and the six candidates with the highest number of votes shall be elected.

Contacting the Council

Residents should feel free to contact their district representative, or any of the at-large members as they represent the whole town. Contact information for each member is available below. 

Representatives At-Large

District Representatives

  • Paula Irvin (D)          District 6
    Phone: 203-500-5708
    Email Paula Irvin
  • Adrian Webber (D)           District 7
    Phone: 213-973-2203
    Email Adrian Webber
  • Ted Stevens (D)               District 8
    Phone: 203-464-1154
    Email Ted Stevens
  • Bob Anthony   (R)          District 9 Phone:203-641-6442                      Email Bob Anthony


The legislative power of the town shall be voted exclusively in the Council. Some duties include: 

  • Annual appropriations for the town
  • Enact ordinances and resolutions
  • Create or abolish boards and commissions, departments or offices as necessary
  • Increase or decrease the budget
  • Contract for services
  • Set fees on behalf of the Town of Hamden

All power and duties are included in the Hamden Charter (PDF), Section 4-1.

Mayor - Legislative Council

Hamden has a Mayor-Legislative Council form of government. The Mayor is not a member of the Legislative Council.

There Are 12 Council Committees

  • Administration
  • Economic & Development
  • Education
  • Environment & Conservation
  • Finance
  • Human Services
  • Municipal Planning & Properties
  • Personnel
  • Public Safety & Protection
  • Public Works & Parks
  • Recreation & Culture
  • Settlement