Solid Waste & Recycling Commission

Mission Statement

Created in April 1999, Hamden’s Solid Waste & Recycling Commission supports protecting the environment while saving tax dollars through local action and collaboration. Toward this end, the Commission is mobilizing our community to divert over 3,000 tons of food waste out of the 14,000 tons of trash Hamden sends to landfills each year.

Meetings & Calendar

Solid Waste & Recycling Commission meetings occur on the second Wednesday of every month at Hamden Government Center, First Floor Conference Room, 2750 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden CT 06518. *Meetings may be held virtually on Zoom. Check agenda for more information.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Town Charter Rules Regarding Boards & Commissions:

The following is per our Town’s Charter:

  • Minority Party Representation: The political affiliation of the members of all appointed Boards or Commissions or panel of alternates shall reflect the requirements of the General Statutes with respect to minority party representation.
  • Geographical Areas of the Town: Best efforts shall be made to avoid the appointment of more than 1 member from the same Legislative Council District; however, under no circumstance shall more than 2 members be appointed from the same Legislative Council District.
  • Youth Representation: There shall be 2 non-voting positions on each Board and Commission for youths in the Town, ages 15 through 18, regardless of their status in a public or private high school, and they shall be residents of the Town.
  • Dual Appointment: No person may serve as an appointed member of more than one Board or Commission at the same time, with the exception of a Charter Revision Commission, other Boards or Commissions of finite duration, or appointment as a representative of the Town on regional entities.
  • Limitations of Service: On and after December 1st, 2023:
    • No person shall be appointed to a term on any Board or Commission if, at the time of the commencement of such new term, such person shall have served 12 consecutive years on such Board or Commission or, if during the subsequent term, said appointment would result in service in excess of said limitation of service. 
    • This limitation of service shall be applied to members of Boards and Commissions serving at the effective date of this provision. 
    • The time served by a person filling a partial term shall be counted toward the limitation of service. 
    • Any person whose term ends due to this provision may be reappointed to such Board or Commission after a lapse of 1 year. 

Specific to the Solid Waste & Recycling Commission: 

  • The Public Works Director and Recycling Coordinator shall serve as an ex officio member of the Commission without power to vote.

Members of the Solid Waste & Recycling Commission

This commission consists of 7 members. No more than 4 members may be from the same political party.

CommissionerTerm ExpirationPartyDistrict
Alice Kosowsky (Chair)7/1/2026U6
Moira T. Birmingham7/1/2025D5
William Sikorsky7/1/2023U5
Oscar Bolanos7/1/2023D3
Eben Pariser7/1/2024D6


D - Democrat; R - Republican; U - Unaffiliated 

Youth Members


Interested In Joining?

If you are looking to get more involved in the Town of Hamden, please join our Boards and Commissions: 

Contact Information

If you would like to email the chair of the Solid Waste and Recycling Commission, please email Alice Kosowsky at

If you would like to email the Solid Waste and Recycling Commission, please email

Town of Hamden Liaison: 

Joe DeRisi, Recycling Coordinator:, 203-287-7021

Click Here for Public Works / Solid Waste & Recycling Website

Earth Day 2023 Sponsors:


  • Cafe Amici
  • Eli’s Restaurant Group
  • Ixtapa Grille, Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
  • Whitney Donut & Sandwich Shop
  • State Street Cafe
  • Wentworth’s Homemade Ice Cream
  • Whitneyville Food Center


  • Bell Nurseries
  • Broken Arrow Nursery
  • The Fat Robin Wild Bird & Nature Shop
  • Peels & Wheels Composting
  • Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory at UConn

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  • Apogee Personal Training
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  • Best Video & Community Center
  • Burning Hearts Tattoo
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