Police Commission

Mission Statement

The Commission confers with and advises the Mayor and the Chief of Police with respect to Police Department affairs, including review of the budget. The Commission interviews, promotes, and appoints personnel from Civil Service eligibility lists. On written request, they also meet and hear complaints of any member of the Police Department due to their acts or conduct. In addition, they meet and hear the written complaint of any town citizen who requests it, concerning a member of the Police Department. Reasonable recommendations to address such complaints are made, but no money damages nor rights of any person may be affected.

Traffic Authority

The Police commission also serves concurrently as the Traffic Authority, otherwise referred to as the Parking Division in the Charter. It has all the powers of municipal parking authorities under the general provisions of Connecticut General Statutes, Chap 100, as amended.

Citizens, neighborhood associations, schools, organizations, and businesses bring traffic concern and requests for street signs, lights, or street closings for parades, charity, and neighborhood events to the Commission for considerations, investigation, and action. The Commission consults with the Town Engineer, Director of Public Works, and/or Town Planner, who provide recommendations.

Police Policies

Public comments on policies can be emailed at hpc@hamden.com or written letter to the Police Commission at 2900 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT 06518.

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  • 2nd Wednesday of every month, except when otherwise indicated

To Submit a Complaint, Comment, or Inquiry to the Police Commission, please email: hpc@hamden.com.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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The Hamden Police Commission consists of five citizen members, no more than three of the same political party. This two-year appointment begins in December of odd-numbered years, and is recommended by the Mayor and subject to the approval by the Legislative Council. Police Commissioners serve until their successors are appointed.

Rhonda L. Caldwell - Chair
Frank LaDore
Vaughn M. Willis
Daniel Dunn
Elaine Dove