Office of the Mayor

The Office of the Mayor is an elected position in the Town of Hamden. Elections are held bi-annually, with the last general election occurring in November 2017. Mayor Curt Balzano Leng has been the Mayor since May of 2015, having been victorious in the 2015 Special Election, 2015 General Election, 2017 General Election, and 2019 General Election.

About Mayor Leng

Curt Balzano Leng is a long-time civic activist and currently serves as the Mayor of the Town of Hamden, CT. At the age of 17, Curt became more interested in serving his community and ran for the first time to become a Legislative Councilperson.  After losing that first election, Curt has since been successfully elected numerous times and served his East Side neighborhood as the 6th District Councilperson for over 8 years.

Throughout his years of community service, Curt has served as Co-Chairman of the State Street Neighborhood Revitalization Zone, Vice President of the East Side Civic Association, and Chairman of the Council Finance Committee among others. Professionally, he has served as Director of Government Operations, Community Development Manager and Chief Administrative Officer in Hamden before being elected Mayor in May of 2015. Mayor Leng was successfully re-elected in 2017.

Curt graduated from the University of Connecticut, with a BA in Political Science and the University of New Haven, where he earned a Master’s in Education and his teaching certification.

Curt and his family are lifelong residents of Hamden. He and his wife Stefanie purchased their first home in 2002 and welcomed the pride of their lives into the world in 2009, their son Cooper. Curt is an avid Red Sox fan, believes that Van Halen should be given a Nobel Prize and loves spending time being a Dad.