Hamden's Summer Day Camps

Dear Families,

Welcome to the summer of 2021! We hope that you find the information presented below to be helpful with your summer planning. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need clarification or if you have any additional questions. Safety is our first priority. We follow guidelines set by the CDC, CT Office of Early Childhood and other sources to ensure our policies and procedures are aligned to keep our campers, staff and volunteers healthy and safe.

  1. Recreation

    Physical Address
    2750 Dixwell Avenue
    Hamden Government Center
    Hamden, CT 06518

    Phone: 203-287-2579
    Fax: 203-287-2587

    1. David DeMartino

      Recreation Supervisor
      Phone: 203-287-2585

    1. Vincent Lavorgna

      Recreation Supervisor
      Phone: 203-287-2669

    1. Laura Luzzi

      Recreation Supervisor
      Phone: 203-287-2584

    1. Sallie Lowry

      Recreation Secretary
      Phone: 203-287-2579

Medical Information: If your child is attending any of our camps, you will find the several forms that need to be completed prior to the start of camp.  Forms can also be downloaded from our website. All of these forms must be completed, signed and returned to the Hamden Recreation Office at least one week prior to your child’s first day of attendance so they can be reviewed. Your child will not be allowed to participate until all the forms are on file.

If your child needs medication administered or has allergies and needs medication stored in case of a reaction, please bring the medication to camp on the first day of attendance and give the medication to our Director. If your child is to receive medication at camp, your treating physician must complete the State Medication Release Form. This form can be obtained from your school health office and can also be downloaded from our website. Please do not send medication each day for your child to hold. All medication must be directed to the camps Directors.

Face Masks:  All campers, staff, volunteers and adults will wear face covering at camp unless changes are in place and updated by authorities.

Hand Hygiene: Regular hand washing with soap and water at least 20 second will be done.

  • Before coming in contact with any child
  • Before and after eating
  • After sneezing, coughing or nose blowing
  • After using restroom
  • Before handing food
  • After touching or cleaning surfaces that may be contaminated
  • After using any shared equipment like toys

If soap is not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available.   Use will be supervised by staff.

As youth camps, we are required to have on file a child’s health record to include information regarding disabilities or special health care needs such as allergies, special dietary needs, hearing or visual impairments, chronic illness, developmental variations or history of contagious disease, and an Individual plan of care for a child with special health care needs or disabilities. The plan of care is developed by the child’s health care provider and the child’s parents. The Individual Plan of Care Form is available on our website and the front page of the form is to be completed by the parents and submitted to the Director no later than the first day of attendance.

We will make every effort to contact the parent/emergency contact in the event your child is too ill to remain at camp or sustains an injury that requires more in-depth medical treatment. Finally, we ask for your patience when it comes to the first few days of for each session. To ensure your child’s safety, we must have all the medical forms completed and on file. To minimize contact with our staff, you must complete and submit all required forms in advance. By doing so, we will be able to have your child with their group in a safe and timely fashion.

Lunch/Snacks: For all campers, lunch and snack items must be brought from home. A juice box, a piece of fruit, or some cookies all make appropriate snacks, and they may be consumed in a short period of time! Nonperishable foods should be used in your child’s lunch (a frozen pack may be included). A frozen juice box also works well, and then can be consumed as it thaws. The Hamden Schools are a nut/peanut free campus! We may also be offering a Breakfast/Lunch program offered through the Federal Government.  At this time it has not been confirmed, make updates in the near future.

  • Camps Munchkin & Rascal: This camp program is held at the Shepherd Glen School, Skiff Street Ext. Camp hours are from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm (campers can be dropped off starting at 7:30 am for extended day and picked up from 3:00-5:30pm for additional charge).
  • Camps Green Dragons, Gold Dragons & Extreme Camps are located at the Hamden Middle School, 2623 Dixwell Ave. Camp hours are from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm (campers can be dropped off starting at 7:30 am for extended day and picked up from 3:00-5:30pm for additional charge, times may vary depending on a field trip).  
  • Camp Brooksvale: is located at 524 Brooksvale Ave. Camp hours are 9:00am-3:00 pm  No extended day hours are available at this camp.

At all locations and upon arrival, you will be directed to the drop-off area where a member of our staff will meet you. We will follow the most current COVID 19 protocols as established by the state and the CDC. This may require the completion of a daily medical questionnaire or any new updated required by the CDC. Upon completion of those protocols, your child will be escorted by a member of our staff to their assigned group. In the afternoon, you will be directed to the pick-up area and a member of our staff will bring your child to the car. Only campers and staff members will be allowed in the building. We ask for your patience during both morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. It is likely that these protocols will continue to evolve both prior to and during the five weeks of camp. If they do, we will inform you of any changes in our daily procedures.

If your child is going home with a different person, we need a note from you with specific instructions to do so. Please make sure that the note is handed directly to a member of our staff during morning drop-off. In the case of an emergency pick-up, please contact the Hamden Recreation office by phone (203-287-2579) and the camp Director will be notified. Also, please notify your pick-up person that we may request to see his/her driver’s license in order to confirm identification. We do this to ensure the safety of your child. Please send a towel and bathing suit with your child each day. As part of the daily schedule, your child may have a free swim and other “water” activities. To prevent injury, all campers should wear sneakers or protective footwear – no open toed shoes! Please apply sunscreen each morning and include sunscreen in the camper’s bag to reapply later in the day. All towels, articles of clothing, and sunscreen should be marked with the camper’s full name. The program requires that children be able to change in and out of their own clothing, be responsible for their own belongings, and be able to function easily within our daily routine.

We do not allow electronic games or cell phones. We feel that such items take away from a productive camp experience and that children run the risk of loss, misplaced or damage of such articles. Please check your child’s backpack on a daily basis for announcements and updates in the schedule. If you have any questions regarding the camp, please discuss with the Camp Directors on site.  

Change/Cancellation Policy:  Any program may be canceled because of insufficient enrollment, in which case, the registration fee would be refunded in full. Once a registration is processed, any subsequent change in registration made by you will result in a $25.00 administrative fee. For cancellations made before June 30, 2021, you will receive a full refund. Cancellations after June 30th will not receive a refund. If you have any questions about your registration, please contact the Program Directors.


May 1st - May 31st 
After June 1st

Munchkins Camp

Ages 3 1/2 - Grade K, max 150 per session

#1 - 7/06 thru 07/23$355.00$365.00*Shepherd Glen School8:30am - 3:00pm**Age appropriate supervised activities such as field trips, movie day, arts & crafts, and theme days. *Must be Toilet Trained
#2 - 07/26 thru 08/06$270.00$280.00

Rascal Camp
Grades 1-2,
max 150 per session
#1 - 07/06 thru 07/23$355.00$365.00Shepherd Glen School8:30am - 3:00pm**Age appropriate supervised activities such as field trips, movie day, show time entertainment, arts & crafts, and theme days.
#2 - 7/26 thru 08/06$270.00$280.00

Green Dragons
Grades 3-5,
max 200 per session
#1 - 07/06 thru 07/23
$355.00$365.00Hamden Middle School8:30am - 3:00pm**Structured programming for daily games and activities including arts & crafts, field trips, bowling, theme days, tournaments, and outdoor events
#2 - 7/26 thru 08/06

Gold Dragons
Grades 6-7,
max 100 per session
#1 - 07/06 thru 07/23
$465.00$475.00Hamden Middle School
8:30am - 3:00pm**Activities may include outdoor play, games, field trips, tournaments, theme days, organized games & movies
#2 - 7/26 thru 08/06

Extreme Camp
Grades 7-9,
max 25 per session
#1 - 07/06 thru 07/23
$720.00$755.00Hamden Middle School

8:30am - 3:00pm**Action oriented camp. Daily trips include wall climbing, tubing, paintball, outdoor player, theme parks, and more. 
#2 - 07/26 thru 08/06
Camp BrooksvaleMax-25 per session
Session #1 - Ages 9- 11

Session #2 - Ages 6-8

Session #3 - Ages 6-8

Session #4 - Ages 12-14
#1 - 07/06 - 07/16$270.00$280.00Brooksvale Park9:00am - 3:00pm**Campers will experience the beauty of Brooksvale Park, outdoor learning, and fun! Nature programming with hands on activities in the garden and barnyard. Traditional outdoor games, field trips, and more! 

Please note: 6 8 yr old campers can register for session 2 OR session 3, but not for both

#2 - 07/19 - 0/723$175.00$185.00
#3 - 07/26 - 07/30$175.00$185.00
#4 - 08/02 - 08/06$175.00$185.00

**Extended Day - $50 per week - Times: 7:30am - 8:30am and/or 3:00pm - 5:30pm.