The Hamden Historic Sketchbook Project

Hamden Historic Sketchbook Project:

Between April - August 2020, Hamden residents of all ages were invited to record their personal experiences while living through a pandemic in mini-sketchbooks provided by Hamden Arts and Culture as well as the Hamden Public Library. Sketchbook artists were welcomed to record what they were hearing on the news, their hopes and fears, their personal experiences throughout the pandemic or to use the sketchbooks to make art as a way to distract themselves from it all.  

Square_Addyson davis
Addyson Davis

square-Advaith RamakrishnanAdvaith Ramakrishnan
Square_Amalia Havill
Amalia Havill

Square_Ananya NandaAnanya Nanda
Square_Anne BaloghAnne Balogh
Square_Avaneesh ThoratAvanessh Thorat
Square_Beth LovelBeth Lovel
Square_Clarice YasuharaClarice Yasuhara
Square_Cynthia CacopardoCynthia Cacopardo
Square_Erin FerichErin Ferich
Square_Finnleigh HosgoodFinnleigh Hosgood
Giselle Mabasa-Biagtan
Square_Jennifer SaccoJennifer Sacco
Square_Jonah Cacopardo_Pandemic_Final_20Jonah Cacopardo
Square_Kirsten WalkerKirsten Walker
Square_Liliana RosenthalLiliana Rosenthal
Square_Molly McGreevyMolly McGreevy
Square_Natalie AbreuNatalie Abreu
Square_Nazeli_BegNazeli Beg

Square_Patricia VenerPatricia Vener
Square_Patti Klein
Patti Klein
Square_Paula Melillo
Paula Melillo

Square_Robyn Conor Conor Robyn
Square_Saige ScalzoSaige Scalzo
Square_Sheri SchwarzSheri Schwarz
Square_Sonia HansmanSonia Hansman
Square_Susan BobbinSusan Bobbin
Square_Suzan ShutanSuzan Shutan
Square_Victoria-TomlinVictoria Tomlin
Square_William McCarthyWilliam McCarthy