Housing Code Enforcement

The Quinnipiack Valley Health District, as the Town’s official Housing Code enforcement agency, forwards Orders to the property owner and reports to other Town departments for possible violations subject to their authority.

For information regarding other Town Code inspections, or complaints, the following Town departments should be contacted:

Building Department (203) 287-7160
(Building, Electrical, and Plumbing Codes; Construction performed without required permits)

Fire Marshal (203) 407-3182
(Smoke detectors in one- and two-family dwellings; Fire safety in three-family or larger dwellings including smoke detectors, fire doors, and obstructed hallways/stairways)

 Planning/Zoning Department (203) 287-7070
(Zoning issues of property and non-conforming usage including property maintenance, student housing, etc.)

 Quinnipiack Valley Health District (203) 248-4528
(Health Code issues; stagnant water in yards and abandoned swimming pools, sewage, mold, rodents and insect infestation, lead-based paint, junk vehicles on property)