Finding your Zone via GIS

The Planning and Zoning Department receives many requests for what Zoning classification that a particular property falls under.  There is an easy way to find this information on our website 

 Interactive Mapping will allow you to search the property then see the property in relation to others.   The main button brings you to a map with the entire Town displayed.  Go to the word Search for the search feature where you can type in the address (number then drop down for road name).

The search will list the properties you are searching for, if more than one with that information, and allow you to choose which format of information you wish to view:

  • Zoom to GIS will allow to you see the map and properties around the subject property. You can customize the information and print maps from here.
  • Quick Map will provide a very quick 8”x11 ½” basic printable map.
  • Property Card will provide a printable copy of the basic information of the property.   The zone of the property is found here.

Zoom to GIS:

Quick Map:

Property Card: (partial photo)