The Town of Hamden has held Community Input Sessions to obtain input as to how the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds should be used. 

On March 11th, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was signed into law. The $1.9 trillion package is intended to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, address public health shortfalls and help with the economic impacts. 

Funds are given to the Town of Hamden during fiscal year (FY) 2021 - 2023. Funds will come directly from the United States Treasury Department (FY 2022 and FY 2023), and also through a State-Pass through Program (FY 2021 and FY 2022). 

For FY 2021, the Town received $5.8 million of the ARPA funds, which has already been expended.

The Town has received $6.1 million for FY 2022, and is projected to receive another $5.8 million for FY 2022, and $6.1 million for FY 2023. 

The ARPA funds can be used to help meet various needs for communities. Funds need to be expended/committed by December 31, 2024 and be fully expended by December 31, 2026. 

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