Connecticut Municipal Employees Retirement System (CMERS)


  •  Municipalities may designate which departments (including elective officers, if specified) are covered under the CMERS. This designation may be the result of a resolution or a collective bargaining agreement. A member must customarily work at least 20 hours a week. Police officers and firefighters hired over the age of 60 are not eligible for membership. Municipalities may place additional restrictions on CMERS eligibility, such as limiting CMERS membership to full-time employees. It should be noted that the CMERS does not cover municipal teachers.
CMERS Capture


  • By Members: For members not covered by Social Security: 5% of compensation. 
  • For members covered by Social Security: 2-1/4% of compensation up to the Social Security taxable wage base plus 5% of compensation, if any, in excess of such base.