Can I vote in the next primary?

Only people who are registered voters and enrolled in the party holding the primary are eligible to vote in the primary. To enroll in a party, you fill out a voter registration form, just as you do when you register to vote, and indicate on the form which party you wish to join. If you are not already a member of another party, your enrollment will take effect as soon as your form is approved. If you are switching parties, your enrollment takes effect 90 days after your form is approved; during this waiting period, you are not a member of any party.

To be eligible to vote in a primary, a person who is not already enrolled in any party may enroll by mail by the fifth day before the primary or may enroll in person at the Registrars' Office anytime before noon on the day before the primary. These deadlines also apply if you are not already a registered Hamden voter and wish to register and enroll at the same time.

If you are already enrolled in a party and wish to switch parties to vote in a primary, the deadline is ninety days before the primary.To find out if you are already enrolled in a party, call the Registrars' Office at 203-287-7081.

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