Does the Fire Department provide child locator decals?

Rescuing people is the top priority for all firefighters. They are trained to make a thorough and systematic search for anyone inside a burning building as soon as they arrive at a fire scene. In the interest of community safety, the Hamden Fire Department does not recommend that "child" or "invalid" locator decals be placed on home windows for a variety of reasons.

First, the typical family moves average of once every five to seven years. Even if a family doesn't move from the house, the family may switch rooms with time, making the decal meaningless. Often, children sleep in rooms other than their own, leave their room when frightened, or spend the night away and, therefore, may not be in the room marked with a decal. 

Most importantly, a decal can also invite a burglar to enter through a marked window because the occupant of that room would present less of a threat.

The most effective way to protect your family in the event of a fire in your house is to:

  • Ensure smoke alarms are installed and working properly
  • Prepare and practice a family fire escape plan

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