How do I register to vote during Covid-19?

Register as early as possible - It may take up to three weeks to receive confirmation of your registration 

Register to Vote Online: 

If you have access to internet, the fastest and easiest way to register to vote during Covid-19 is to register through the State of CT Voter Registration Portal link above.

What You Need to Register to Vote: 

  • A current and valid driver’s license OR a learner’s permit OR a non-driver photo identification card issued by the CT Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) AND a signature on file with DMV.
  • If you move you must re-register to vote in your new town of residence.  You can also use this online registration portal to change your address if you move within your current town of residence.

If you do not have access to internet or a printer: 

If you do not have access to internet or a printer, you can request a paper registration be mailed to you so you can register to vote by mail. Call the Registrars’ Office at 287-7081 to request a Voter Registration Form to mailed to you.  
Once you have filled out your voter registration form, mail it back to:

Hamden Registrars of Voters
Hamden Government Center
2750 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518


Drop it in the Secure Ballot Drop Box outside of the Hamden Government Center at the same address above. 

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