Who is responsible for repairing the sidewalk/curb in front of my house?

The property owner is responsible to repair all defective walks and curbs along the frontage of the property. By Ordinance 96.04, the owner, and every person, firm or corporation having the care or custody of any building or parcel of land bordering upon any highway or street in the town where there is any footway, sidewalk or curb, shall maintain such footway, sidewalk or curb in a safe and convenient condition for the use of the public and shall promptly repair all defects therein endangering or incommoding public travel upon the same, and shall promptly remove and correct any obstructions that may be placed or found thereon.

The Town of Hamden has a sidewalk repair program.  Details can be found at the following link. https://www.hamden.com/190/Sidewalk-Repair-Program  The Town inspects and repairs sidewalks when there are structural problems with the sidewalks. When a complaint is received, the Engineering Department sends an inspector to look at the sidewalks, evaluate the issue, and register the site on our repair list. If the damage is very severe, we will spot repair the walks sooner than the repair protocol. The wait time is months to years depending on our waiting list and the severity of the problems. 

Report Sidewalks:  There are two main ways to report a damaged sidewalk:

  • Report the problem via our online reporting tool, SeeClickFix
  • Call the office during normal business hours at 203-287-7040 and discuss the issue with one of our staff.

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