What period of time does my motor vehicle tax bill cover?

The period of time the tax bill covers is from October 1st to the following September 30th.

There are two (2) parts to the Motor Vehicle (MV) portion of the Grand List (GL). There is the Regular MV list and the Supplemental MV list.

A motor vehicle on the Supplemental List (billed in full, due January 1st) includes all vehicles acquired from October 2nd to July 31st of any given year. After one year on the Supplemental List, it automatically moves to the Regular MV List for the following Grand List year.

When a vehicle is added to the Supplemental List, depending on what month acquired, the vehicle will be taxed from the month acquired to the following Sept.30th. This is called prorating on. You are only taxed for the portion of the year owned. The Mill Rate for motor vehicles in Hamden is 32.46 mills. (Assessment X .03246= Tax)

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