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Town Center Park Community Garden Membership Agreement

  1. *Failure to comply with this agreement may result in loss of gardening privileges.


    1. Hamden residents are eligible to apply for Garden membership.
    2. Membership is for one calendar year beginning April 1st and ending March 31st
    3. Membership includes a defined garden plot assigned by the Town, access to the garden during defined periods set by the Town, permission to utilize the garden hose, and invitation to annual garden events.        
    4. Returning members will be reassigned their previous plot unless a change request is submitted to the Garden Coordinators. The newly requested plot must be available. A maximum of one plot can be rented for NEW GARDENERS. (NOTE –This limit is due to strong community demand for community garden access.)
    5. New member requests will be considered after returning members from the previous year have been confirmed and open plots are available. The Garden Coordinators will meet with new members to assign their plot and review garden responsibilities.    
    6. If at any time during the growing season a member is unable to care for their plot, the member must contact the Garden Coordinators so that the plot can be offered to a new member.
    7. The Town reserves the right to permit (and revoke) multiple garden plots to members who held more than 1 plot before the 2021 garden season. Multiple plot rentals will be divided into single rental opportunities once vacated. 


    1. Members can access the garden from April 1st through March 31st.
    2. The four garden gates use the same access code.   You will receive the access code at the beginning of the garden season.
    3. The gates must be locked at all times.   
    4. No pets are allowed in the garden
    5. Plot fencing cannot exceed 4 feet.


    1. Gardens need to be maintained to minimize the threat of weeds and their spread into other gardens.   Weeds cannot exceed 4 inches in height or flower.
    2. Water will not be available in the garden until late spring or early summer.   
    3. Invasive plants will need to be removed from other gardens by the owner of the original plant.   
    4. Plants must be contained within the plot borders and not overhang into pathways or other plots.   Each member is responsible for maintaining weed-free paths surrounding all sides of their plot for the duration of the growing season.   
    5. Any plot damage or vandalism must be reported to the Garden Coordinators.
    6. Gardens must be organic, including: soil, fertilizer, compost, mulch, hay, and insecticides.


    1. At the end of the growing season, plants must be pulled and disposed of.
    2. Upright lightweight garden structures such as trellises, cages, stakes, and fencing, must be laid down in the garden over the winter season.  

    NOTICE: I understand the Town of Hamden will not be responsible for loss of crops or injury sustained while working my garden plot. I have read the agreement and will abide by the rules and policies set forth by the Town.


    Make checks payable to: Treasurer, Town of Hamden

    Mail to: Mayor's Office, 2750 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518

    We look forward to another wonderful season of gardening and friendship. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


    Alexa M. Panayotakis
    Deputy Chief of Staff
    Town of Hamden
    (203) 287-7100

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