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Hamden Cultural Asset Mapping Submission Form

  1. The Hamden Cultural Asset Mapping Project Mission:

    • To allow residents to self-identify and digitally map /document the people, places, and resources that define their community identity (and to share the stories and narratives that go with them). 
    • The hope is to bridge communities and connect people to resources they might not know are available "right next door". 
    • We understand that not all assets are meant for mass consumption and some are sacred to the survival of a community. If an asset is submitted and the community does not want it to be promoted on the map, they have the say in if the asset is recorded on the map or not. 
    • The other hope in running this project is to help promote tourism throughout the entire town and to bring tourism dollars to every district with the long-range goal of identifying and creating cultural districts that will bolster sustainable economic development in all areas of the town. 
    • But again, we do not mean this project to be exploitative of the people and places in our communities and if a community does not want an asset promoted, they will have the final say in if it is promoted or not. 
    • Cultural asset mapping has been defined as: “a process of collecting, recording, analyzing, and synthesizing information in order to describe the cultural resources, networks, links, and patterns of usage of a given community or group.” 
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