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Salute to Young Artists - Teacher Nomination Form

  1. Hamden Arts Commission "Salute to Young Artists" Student Nomination Form (For Teachers/Community Partners to fill out only)
    Dear Art teacher or community Art partner - thank you for partnering with us to honor the achievements and talents of our own Hamden students. Please use this form to nominate up to three, 12th grade, Hamden students who have shown outstanding achievement or talent in the Arts - performing or visual. Please do not give this link to the student you wish to nominate to fill out, this is for you to fill out. Students who are chosen by the Hamden Arts Commission will then be contacted and informed of their award and next steps - the Salute will be virtual this year and students will be asked to submit videos of themselves performing and/or images of their artwork. Questions? Please call Alisha Martindale in the Arts and Culture Dept. at 203-287-7003 or email
  2. This student is a 12th grade Senior AND a resident of Hamden *
  3. In a brief statement, tell us how this student has exhibited exceptional talent, skill or commitment in the Arts - please be sure to mention any awards, honors, history, experience, special qualities or future plans you might know of. (Awardees will be asked more detailed questions on the questionnaires they will be receiving from us after you submit this form):
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